Better Side Seal - Made By Foam Sprayers

The Problem with Side Seals

When you're installing foam insulation, you’re probably not thinking about the metal components that are mixing your chemicals. These parts - the mixing chamber and two side seals - need to be completely smooth to prevent the chemicals from leaking out. This is critical because the fluids are under intense pressure, up to 2000 psi, and heated to 165 fahrenheit.

When metal parts are in direct contact and friction is created, lithium grease is injected into the front of the gun assembly, also known as the "chemical housing" or the "wet end". Lithium grease not only serves as a binding inhibitor in the mixing chamber, but also as a lubricant for the metal to metal contact between the moving parts. This ensures that everything runs smoothly and the foam insulation is properly mixed and applied.

The original design of the side seals in foam insulation guns can cause major problems during the application process. These seals have an undercut around the perimeter that allows for the build-up of lithium grease, which is supposed to act as a lubricant for the metal parts that mix the two chemicals. However, as the mixing chamber and side seals move back and forth, the lithium grease is contacted with chemical residue and begins to crystallize in the undercut. This crystallization is then pressed into the mating joint, causing scratches and scoring on the metal parts. Over time, these scratches deepen and eventually lead to fluids leaking out of the gun during application.

Once leaking begins, production has to stop and the gun must either be disassembled, cleaned, and polished or the mixing chamber and side seals must be replaced, which can take up to two hours and cost a significant amount of money. In fact, some contractors have to replace a dozen mixing chambers each month!

Better Side Seals reduces crystallization and scoring in the mixing chamber.

Our Side Seals Are Better

Our new and improved side seals for foam insulation guns are a game-changer! We’ve eliminated the undercut altogether. Our seals have a completely smooth surface that ensures proper lubrication without encouraging crystallization and scoring. This means that the metal parts that mix the two chemicals experience less friction, reducing damage and leaks. Our side seals act like a flat ball bearing-squeegee that removes the lithium grease from the sides of the mixing chamber inlet ports, as well as residual chemicals from the outside of the ports after spraying

And if that’s not enough, Better Side Seals are more durable and longer-lasting, which means contractors don't have to replace them as often. The smooth surface also makes cleaning and maintenance easier, improving overall efficiency and productivity during the foam application process - saving time and money on the job site.

We made a major improvement over the original side seal design and our Better Side Seals have quickly become the go-to choice for contractors who want to ensure a smooth and leak-free foam insulation application.

Better Side Seals are available for the Graco Air Purge, Probler plural component guns, and the GAP PRO. During a year of field testing, Better Side Seals reduced the costs for replacement parts by 85%. The design and use of Better Side Seals are patented.